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Sloan Docs presents easy-to-use templates for your basic family and personal legal documents. Much less expensive than having others draw up these every day basic documents, now you can do it yourself and save money. Choose from personal will packages, revocable trust packages, and estate planning documents. Safely and securely powered by Rally Legal, now you can pay one small price and complete everything you need here on Sloan Docs.

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Will Packages
Packages includes Wills, Medical Powers of Attorney, Statutory Durable Powers of Attorney and two HIPAA releases.
Revocable Living Trust Packages
Revocable Living Trust, Certification of Trust, Memorandum Regarding Funding Trust, Assignment of Personal Property, Pourover Will, Medical Power of Attorney, Statutory Durable Power of Attorney and HIPAA Release.
Estate Planning Documents
Documents to include Revocable Living Trusts, Wills, Medical Power of Attorney, and Statutory Durable Power of Attorney.

“We provide a simple and reassuring online process to create high-quality estate planning documents at an unbelievably affordable price.”


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